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My Family on the Web:

hoby.net - Hoby's (my brother's) old personal website

ihoby.com - Hoby's newer website

almadea.com - my sister in-law's website (made by Hoby)

surfvh.com - my dad's website

ericvh.com - Eric, my other brother, hasn't updated this since he put the one flash video on the homepage

My other websites:

fuzzyfuzzybears.com - a fan site for my bears

fluffypinkcineaste.info - my media blog

sites.google.com/site/hilaryvanhooseportfolio/ - my e-portfolio

Amusing and/or useful websites:

hulu.com - commercial video syndication website

supercollege.com - has useful "10 stepguides" for college/scholarship things

imdb.com - internet movie database

imsdb.com - internet movie script database

mypdfscripts.com - properly formatted movie/TV scripts

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