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Graphic Art
Running Blue Girl
"Running Blue Girl" - Drawn in Photoshop
Very Strange
"Very Strange" - Drawn in Photoshop
Space Warrior
"Space Warrior" - Drawn in Photoshop
Man in Space
"Science Fiction Book Cover" - Drawn in Photoshop
Magenta Flow
"Magenta Flow" - Drawn in Photoshop
Crystal Ball
"Crystal Ball" - Drawn in Photoshop

still life
"Thermos Lid, Pencil Sharpener, and Prep Bowl" - Charcoal drawing
Apple Sketch
"Apple Sketch" - Charcoal drawing
Bottle sketch
"Tinted Bottle Sketch" - Charcoal drawing
Thermos sketch
"Thermos Sketch" - Charcoal drawing
Pastel mushrooms
"Mushrooms" - Pastel drawing
Pastel pears
"Pears" - Pastel drawing
pastel orange
"Orange" - Pastel drawing
pastel lemon
"Lemon" - Pastel drawing
green apple drawing
"Green Apple" - Pastel drawing
red apple drawing
"Red Apple" - Pastel drawing
cezanne copy
Copy of part of a Cezanne watercolor painting - Pastel drawing
Courbet copy
Copy of a Courbet oil painting - Pastel drawing
apples and thermos
"Apples, Mountain Apple, and Thermos" - Pastel drawing
Duck drawing
"Duck on a Surfboard" - Pastel drawing of one of Ducky's friends.

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