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Birthday cake
My mom's 60th birthday cake. Chocolate cake & frosting.
Bear Cake
A birthday cake for my brother.
Chocolate cake with white frosting, meant to look like a bear.
Yule Log
An attempt at a yule log cake. I used a chocolate souffle
roll recipe instead of cake, so it turned out a little eggy.
Guava Mac Cake
An anniversary cake for my parents. It's a macadamia nut
white chocolate chip cake with guava frosting.
White chocolate pistachio cake
Another birthday cake I made for my brother. Pistachio
cake with white chocolate buttercream frosting.
cabin cake
A Christmas cake, frosted with powdered sugar icing.
pink cake
One of my own birthday cakes. Two layers of marble cake,
cut up marshmallows and fudge frosting as filling, strawberry
lemon frosting, decorated with chocolate covered caramels
cut into shapes and large marshmallows.
eggnog cake
This is an eggnog cake with eggnog frosting. It's decorated
with red powdered sugar icing, yellow sugar, and jimmies.
The red icing is supposed to look like a poinsettia.
hoby cake 1
This is a birthday cake I frosted entirely with a star-tip
attachment. It was quite tedious, but the end result is
pretty. It was in the freezer about a month before I was
able to deliver it.
Hoby's gak cake
This is a cake I made for my yet another birthday. I styled
it after the Nickelodeon Gak theme colors. Looks kind of
awful, doesn't it?
These are several items made of a banana bran batter that I made far too much of when trying to use up some overripe bananas.
Eric's cake
This is a birthday cake I made for my other brother It's
a spice cake with browned butter frosting, and chocolate
frosting to decorate. It's hard not to overbrown butter.

The meringues aren't in the photo, but I made 6 different
 kinds of cookies that Christmas Eve. Clockwise from the
top: gingerbread, shortbread, strawberry thumbprint, orange
 chocolate chip shortbread, and chocolate chip.
flag cookies
These were an attempt at flag cookies for July 4th using
layered, colored sugar cookie dough. Not perfect, but
good practice.
father's day cookies
These are some chocolate chip cookies I made for my dad a
few years back by drizzling the batter in letter/flower shapes. 

wafers & berries
These areen't exactly cookies. This is a photo of some
hazelnut wafers and strawberries I used to decorate a
torte I made for a chocolate contest (see awards page).

Mince pie
Mince Pie. Not real mincemeat though. It's made of
 apples, oranges, raisins, brown sugar and apple juice.
pearl apple pie
The recipe for this pie was really basic, apples and powdered
sugar. The neat part is that these are pink pearl apples. The
apples themselves are pink! They sort of taste like a combination
of pippins and plums.

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